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Providing Everything You Need

Janitors in Uniforms
Cleaning Supplies

Facility Services

Constant Solutions is here to provide cleaning supplies and equipment for everything you need to help keep your facility clean and safe while promoting a professional image.

Janitorial Supplies and Equipment

  • Vacuum cleaners, rotary floor machines, carpet scrubbers, and other essential janitorial equipment your establishment needs.

  • Floor cleaners, sanitizers, and other cleaning chemicals.

  • Disposable gloves, commercial paper towels, trash can Liners / garbage bags, toilet paper and tissue, pre-moistened sanitizing / disinfectant surface wipes.

  • Mops and broom accessories, wet floor signs, floor squeegees & scrapers.

  • Bottles, sprayers, hoses, and buckets, window cleaning supplies, microfiber cloths & mitts, scrubbers and sponges.

Floor Cleaner

Building Maintenance

  • Landscaping such as mowing lawns and trimming shrubs

  • Inspecting outdoor lighting for damage

  • Clearing gutters and drainages

  • Cleaning outdoor spaces

  • Sealing cracks in the building and parking lots

  • Inspecting ceilings and floors for water damage during winters

  • Replacing HVAC air filters

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